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Sep 30 2020

Six COVID-19 Revelations the MSM Will Avoid

There is plenty of good news regarding the ChiCom virus. You won’t often hear it from the mainstream media, so Liz Wheeler fills the void:

1. College students are spreading COVID-19, but with virtually no hospitalizations, much less mortality.

2. Brown University finds that opening K-12 schools could be even less risky than expected.

3. The hybrid model — in school some days, learn from home others — has been associated with higher infection rates that school every day, so we can just open the schools already.

4. A study from Scotland finds that exposure to children is protective against COVID-19.

5. According to US government data, the COVID-19 mortality rate for those younger than 50 is no higher than the influenza mortality rate.

6. Japan finds that virus may be far more prevalent but far less deadly than we have been led to believe.

The COVID-19 crisis will be effectively over as soon as those running the show agree that it’s over — i.e., as soon as they can no longer exploit it effectively. After that, it will fade away without fanfare, like pandemics past.

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