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Sep 30 2020

David Hogg Okays Violence by BIPOCs

Teenage totalitarian David Hogg — who squeezed national fame out of the Parkland massacre — opposes violence with extreme self-righteousness. But only if it is committed by his fellow white people.

At first it seemed that young Master Hogg was slowly starting to grow up. Via Daily Wire:

Hogg, a co-founder of the gun control advocacy group March For Our Lives, called for a “nonviolent political revolution” and said that movements pushed through “violence and hate” are counterproductive. His comments came after a summer of Black Lives Matter protests that spawned hundreds of riots across major American cities.

Hogg hates violence so much, he even squeaked that “The use of violence to acquire political power is deeply rooted in imperialism, capitalism and white supremacy.”

Since it is black supremacy that has been advanced through violence throughout the country for the past several months, his comments resulted in predictable pushback from other leftists. Hogg’s response was also predictable.

Hogg later clarified that his comments are only directed at “young white people” who have used the protests and riots as “cover” to loot, vandalize, and destroy stores and attack others. He said that “BIPOC” — an acronym standing for black, indigenous, and people of color — are exempt from his statement condemning violence. He apparently made the correction after a number of his followers criticized him for not separating violent acts committed by white and non-white people.

Mewls Hogg compliantly,

“Let me be clear what I am NOT trying to do is tell BIPOC people how they should react to violence directed at them by the state. It’s not my place or any white persons to direct or criticize the way BIPOC people choose to defend themselves against this violence from the state.”

“Violence from the state” presumably refers to police using force against criminals who resist arrest, or returning fire when they are fired upon as in the case of Breonna Taylor.

Far be it from any liberal Caucasian to disapprove of sacred BIPOCs rioting, looting, burning down neighborhoods, killing people, et cetera. He issued a groveling apology for being “offensive” by having implied otherwise.

Hogg’s political purpose is to personify hostility to gun rights. But the point of attacking the Second Amendment is not to reduce violence. It is to disarm regular law-abiding Americans, thereby facilitating violence against them.

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