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Nov 12 2020

Slave Owner Heritage of Kamala Harris

Kamala Harris presents herself as a grown-up little black girl whose oppression was slightly alleviated by forced busing:

She supports race-based coercive wealth redistribution, justified by America’s “dark history”:

Maybe she should offer to pay reparations herself, given her slave-owner ancestry:

“My roots go back, within my lifetime, to my paternal grandmother Miss Chrishy (née Christiana Brown), descendant of Hamilton Brown, who is on record as plantation and slave owner and founder of Brown’s Town,” wrote Donald J. Harris in a 2018 essay for Jamaica Global.

Harris is an economist, scholar, and professor of economics, emeritus at Stanford University, according to his Stanford bio.

Her father doesn’t sound all that oppressed, despite Harris having been selected for her identity politics historicness.

Her ancestor Hamilton Brown was born in Ireland. Over the years, he owned over 1,100 slaves.

After the African slave trade was shut down by the U.K. parliament, Brown began to bring Irish immigrants to Jamaica. The Irish government stopped it because Brown was turning the Irish immigrants into slaves.

This isn’t really about race, and it isn’t about our ancestors either. It is about power and money. That’s all Democrats like Harris are in this for. The rest is what Joe Biden might call “malarkey.”

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