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Dec 08 2021

Slovakia Confirms That Masks Don’t Work

Winston Smith has fallen down on the job. He is supposed to edit or erase previously published material that undermines the party line. Yet this embarrassing May 13, 2020 piece from The Atlantic has escaped the memory hole:

When this pandemic ends, and when the reckoning over how the world responded invariably begins, Slovakia will likely be among those highlighted as a success story, whereas the United States—which was supposed to be the country best prepared for such a crisis—will be remembered as among those that suffered the worst. How Slovakia was able to flatten its curve comes down to more than just quick decision making and the widespread adoption of face masks. Perhaps the greatest lesson to be learned from Slovakia is of the value of leading from the front.

“Leading from the front” refers to Slovak politicians ostentatiously posing with masks, whereas Trump made public appearances without one, thereby setting off pearl-clutching among the liberal establishment.

Slovakia was such a leader when it came to smothering every human face behind a mask that it got Taiwan to donate hundreds of thousands of them in a trade agreement.

Now it has come Slovakia’s turn to get hit by Covid:

At over 2,000 new cases per million per day, according to Our World in Data, Slovakia now has more cases per capita than any country in the world. To put this in perspective, that is almost three times the level of the winter peak in the U.S.

It isn’t just Slovakia. Belgium also confirms what studies have found. Masks don’t work:

However, Covid muzzles are effective at dehumanizing people by reducing them to faceless NPCs. Mandating the masks serves the same purpose as Gessler’s hat. This must be why Head Start now mandates masks for 2-year-olds, who face no significant threat from Covid, and Oregon has moved to make mask mandates permanent.

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