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Dec 08 2021

Rule by Neurotics

Combining two recent Breitbart stories suggests that we are ruled by neurotics.

Story 1:

Dr. Anthony Fauci, President Biden’s chief White House medical adviser, said on Tuesday that the Omicron variant of the Chinese coronavirus, which has been identified in several states, “might even be less severe” than the Delta variant, which is already widespread.

This is a major admission from someone who was lifted to the pinnacle of power by Covid.

Despite the hysteria that caused the Governor of New York to declare a state of emergency, Omicron is so mild that even after it had been found in 38 countries, the WHO admitted that no deaths could be attributed to it. We have known from the beginning that Omicron is extremely mild.

Story 2:

Eighty-two percent of Democrats are willing to wear face coverings indoors at all times due to fears of contracting the omicron coronavirus variant, a Tuesday Axios-Ipsos poll revealed.

Less than half as many Republicans felt that way, at 38%.

The poll also shows 94 percent of Democrats support private mask-wearing mandates at local businesses. Only 43 percent of Republicans agree.

It is highly doubtful that masks are effective at preventing the spread of Covid.

There are two Americas, all right: an American America, and a scared, neurotic, authoritarian America. At present, the latter controls all the levers of power.


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