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Mar 02 2023

Smithsonian Erases Women

An institution originally intended to serve as a reservoir for civilization is used instead to destroy it, once it has been subverted by progressives. Higher education is a prime example. The federal government’s Smithsonian Institution is another.

Earlier, the Smithsonian denounced many of the characteristics of a successful society (e.g., self-reliance, cohesive nuclear families, “objective, rational linear thinking,” hard work, personal responsibility, delayed gratification) by associating them with whites, who continue to comprise America’s core population but whom we are expected to hate in accordance with the state religion, Critical Race Theory:

Not content to deprecate and marginalize Caucasians, the Smithsonian is now erasing women:

The Smithsonian is reportedly in the process of creating an American Women’s History Museum, and its director has proclaimed it will take an “inclusive” approach.

That means it will include men as women, thereby canceling the concept of women. Women do not exist in any meaningful sense according to liberal dogma, which is why even a Supreme Court justice is stumped by the question, “What is a woman?”

As you might expect, the women who really are women honored by the Smithsonian will include enemies of American society:

Smithsonian’s website dedicated to its American Women’s History Museum includes an entry dedicated to racial activist and former fugitive Angela Davis.

A forerunner of the Black Lives Matter movement, Angela Davis is a communist black supremacist who armed terrorists.

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2 Responses to “Smithsonian Erases Women”

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