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Dec 30 2020

Spain to Share Registry of Vaccination Refuseniks

Past generations never knew tyranny at the level that is beginning to unfold, because information technology did not allow Big Government to know everything. Now that data is power, bureaucrats are busy compiling lists that can be cross-correlated to identify the people most likely to be problematic. For example, Spain is keeping a list of those who refuse to take a ChiCom virus vaccine:

Spain is to set up a register of people who refuse to be vaccinated against coronavirus and share it with other European Union nations, the health minister has said.

Salvador Illa said the list would not be made accessible to the public or to employers.

Unless it accidently gets leaked, the way Obama’s weaponized IRS “accidentally” leaked a National Organization for Marriage donor list, potentially subjecting defenders of the sanctity of marriage to cancelation.

When Big Government merges with Big Tech, it won’t have to collect so much data on its own. It can rely on experts who already know everything about your movements, your habits, your tastes, your opinions, et cetera. That’s when things get really scary.

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