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Jul 25 2022

State Department Bureauweenie Says Quiet Part Out Loud

A gaffe is when a politician tells the truth, or when a bureauweenie says the quiet part out loud by stating what all of us know — for example, that gas prices are high because our Democrat rulers want them that way:

Alan Eyre, a longtime State Department staffer and senior foreign service officer, tweeted, “I prefer high gas prices = less driving, less CO2.”

Those who do not worship in the Church of Global Warming are less thrilled by the effect Biden’s War on Oil has had on gasoline prices:

California GOP congressional candidate Ron Bassilian called Eyre a “ghoul” over the comment before noting that gas prices are “inelastic” to drivers.

“Perhaps,” Eyre replied to Bassilian, “But I don’t think it is inelastic and I remember in the 1970s the oil embargo led to a massive increase in renewables.”

To Democrats, the 1970s and all that went with them — gas lines, stagflation, Jimmy Carter, possibly even bell bottoms — were good.

Then Eyre tried to make Bassilian barf with the cloying, condescending, sanctimonious niceness that characterizes liberal elitists:

He included the hashtag #BeKind at the end of his tweet.

These are the people who implement US foreign policy, at the direction of fellow moonbats like Joe Biden and Antony Blinken. Seen in that light, the Afghanistan debacle makes sense.

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