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Jun 17 2021

Statue of George Floyd Unveiled in Newark

Statues serve as touchstones. They remind us of the shared history that unites us and of the values we respect, and provide role models that inspire us to improve ourselves. Tragically, leftists have denigrated our national heroes, and Black Lives Matter thugs have torn down their statues, often with the tacit approval of local Democrat authorities. New statues will replace them. These will represent the values not of the American people, but of our liberal ruling class. For example, Newark, New Jersey has blazed a trail deeper into our national decline by erecting a 700-pound bronze statue of George Floyd in front of City Hall.

Barks Mayor Ras Baraka:

“Hopefully when people walk by and they see it, and they participate, hopefully it inspires them to become active in the struggles that are happening right here in Newark and right here in New Jersey.”

Given that Floyd’s death was exploited as a pretext for hundreds of race riots that prominently featured looting and arson, the mayor’s message is a warning for any remaining business owners to get out of Newark while other parts of the country remain relatively civilized.

George Floyd was a violent career criminal whose record included robbing a pregnant woman at gunpoint. Because he was resisting arrest when a combination of severe heart disease, Covid, and a massive dose of fentanyl killed him, his death was exploited for a cultural Marxist attack on Caucasians, local law enforcement, our system of justice, and America in general.

Floyd is celebrated for personifying America’s death, just as Columbus and Washington were once celebrated for personifying its birth.

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