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Apr 03 2022

Sucker Punch Demonstrates Effects of Moonbattery

As moonbattery debases our culture, among the casualties is sportsmanship. That’s why you see men competing as women. It also helps explain this scene from a 1,600-meter race at the Tohopekaliga Tiger Invitational in Kissimmee, Florida:

The media has avoided this incident for obvious reasons, but we still have some follow-up:

The family of a high school track star who was sucker-punched during a race say they had wanted to press charges against his attacker but deputies had threatened to arrest their son if they’d done so.

The teenage victim suffered a concussion from the attack.

There was allegedly an altercation before the attack, where the victim had told the attacker to move out of his way. When he refused, during an earlier lap, the victim had pushed him, according to TMZ.

Therefore, we are told, he will be subject to arrest for battery if he makes an issue of getting sucker punched from behind.

I’ll have to make a macro so that I can save on keystrokes every time I want to type, Imagine if the races were reversed.

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