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Dec 27 2020

Superintendent Suspended Without Pay for Wearing Blackface 18 Years Ago

Normal crimes usually have a statute of limitations, so that you cannot be prosecuted for something you did long ago. We are also protected by proscriptions on ex post facto law, so that tyrants cannot declare a deed to be illegal retroactively and punish you for something you did when it was not a crime. Neither of these concepts apply to thought crimes. If you ever did anything that would be considered politically incorrect as of this minute, you are fair game for cancelation by the mob and even formal punishment by authorities. Donald Shively is a case in point after the Paducah Public School Board lowered the boom on him for a long-ago Halloween costume indiscretion:

A Kentucky public school superintendent has been suspended for 40 days without pay after an 18-year-old photo of him in blackface was brought to light in October.

It won’t be a pleasant unpaid vacation. He must submit to “additional education, training and community involvement” — i.e., reeducation.

WPSD-6 notes that all that training, etc., is specifically for “racial equity.”

Money from his salary will be redirected to the University of Kentucky’s Education and Civil Rights Initiative, making witchfinders more powerful still.

Here’s why Shively got off as lightly as he did:

The board said in October it believed Shively was genuinely remorseful about the incident, and that his district efforts since outweigh any negatives:

“All members of the board expressed, or agreed that, while the costume was offensive and inappropriate, Dr. Shively’s demonstrated attitude and actions, dedication to the district, and commitment to ensuring equity for all students are more telling of his character and racial attitudes than an incident from almost two decades ago.”

He denounced himself as shamelessly as the defendant in any Soviet Union show trial for his “horrible and racially insensitive decision to wear blackface.” But they punished him anyway. Whether people would have found his behavior offensive at the time is irrelevant.

Megyn Kelly feels his pain. She was fired from her prominent and lucrative position at NBC for observing aloud that blackface was not always regarded as racist.

They couldn’t very well just let Shively off. The powerful NAACP demanded his resignation.

Look at the bright side. Things are a lot better now than they will be when Democrats codify political correctness into federal law, and America undergoes the inevitable transition from soft tyranny to hard. There will come a day when thought criminals will be lucky if their execution is humane.

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