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Aug 04 2022

Supreme Court Defending Constitution Is “Unconstitutional”

The job of the Supreme Court is to defend the Constitution by striking down laws that conflict with it. In 1973, a rogue Supreme Court did some legislating of its own, by proclaiming on no foundation other than its own arrogance that women have a “right” to kill unwanted children. This de facto law has also been struck down, for violating the Constitution by pretending to be derived from it. Yet according to the White House, failing to pretend that the Constitution says whatever liberals want it to say is unconstitutional:

Biden’s absurdly unqualified yet highly intersectional spox tells us that we had a constitutional right to dismember unborn children for almost 50 years. Yet the Constitution has been in effect since 1789. Too bad no one asked her to explain the discrepancy.

On a tip from Wiggins.


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