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Aug 17 2021

Taliban Terrorists Celebrate in Clown World

In case there was any doubt that the accension of Biden’s incompetent moonbat handlers to power has plunged us into clown world, these are the people who just defeated and humiliated the United States:

That wasn’t surreal enough to emblemize the Biden Era? Let’s try this:

Taliban terrorists can indulge in these activities because they were able to conquer Afghanistan with no resistance whatsoever, despite the $billions American taxpayers were forced to pour into the Afghan army.

With even remotely competent leadership, we could have withdrawn from the Afghanistan quagmire without a Taliban sandalprint on the seat of our pants. But instead of competent leadership, we have Biden. When his handlers finally stop their elder abuse, cite the 25th Amendment, and consign Biden to a nursing home for the severely demented, we’ll have this:

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