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Oct 13 2020

Teacher Implies That Peace Is Racist

Looks like liberals are tired of people laughing at them for pretending that the never-ending Black Lives Matter/Antifa riots are “mostly peaceful.” Peace is not necessarily good anymore; maybe it is racist.

Jason Rantz shares with us a screed inflicted on students by Seattle art teacher Suzanne Wakefield:

“I believe that peace can only happen when we have equality and justice. We don’t have that. There’s groups of people that peace is like completely out of their realm. How can you have peace when we’re having like, just for an example, equal rights, human civil rights battles because a lot of groups are not treated equally and that’s really coming across.

“My perspective is coming from a white privilege. I’m a white person and I’ve been conditioned and I’m trying to un-condition myself. But I just wanted you guys to know that if you believe in peace, it could mean lots of different things. But I also believe that peace is really not possible without equality and justice and that’s why you can have a peaceful protest and try to protest what’s going on in the world. But how can you feel peace when you’re a group from a minority or something that’s been oppressed and does not have the same privileges as white people do, ya know?”

This appears to mean that striving for peace is a manifestation of white privilege.

Yet she hates Trump for not promoting peace like Obama. Never mind that Trump has advanced peace in the Middle East and elsewhere, in contrast to the Iran-enabling Obama.

As Rantz notes, Ms Wokefield I mean Wakefield’s incoherent moonbattery offers a…

…glimpse into how a teacher’s political beliefs are inserted into a classroom of captive students. …

Had it not been for the remote classroom and an annoyed 13-year-old student who recorded the lectures, this issue may never have come to light.

See for yourself what young students are subjected to:

Hat tip: Liberty Daily.


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