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Aug 11 2021

Teacher Laura Morris Takes Stand Against Leftist Indoctrination

Considering the sick, malevolent ideology imposed on children through public schools, you might wonder why no decent people go into education. But they do. However, they are being driven out by the cultural Marxists in control.

Wealthy Loudoun County, Virginia, in suburban DC, is among the most intolerantly leftist school districts in the country. Dissent by teachers is repressed. Those who object to the hard left social engineering agenda are subjected to harassment and intimidation. Teachers are suspended for calling children by appropriate pronouns. Chinese immigrants are reminded of what they left behind when they escaped from behind the Bamboo Curtain. Yesterday, a disgusted fifth grade teacher at Lucketts Elementary School in Leesburg publicly quit at a school board meeting:

“School board, I quit. I quit your policies. I quit your trainings and I quit being a cog in a machine that tells me to push highly politicized agendas on our most vulnerable constituents — the children,” teacher Laura Morris said.

Imposing transgenderism and critical race theory on innocent children is a bridge too far for teachers who mean children well.

Laura Morris explains herself eloquently:

Shades of Kari Lake, whose conscience would not allow her to continue reading left-wing lies off the teleprompter for FOX10 News in Phoenix.

Inspiring as it is to see genuine Americans stand up to progressives, the downside is that our liberal overlords are delighted to have people like Laura Morris and Kari Lake out of the way.

Refusing to participate in liberal sickness is only the beginning. We have to create alternatives to the establishment they control.


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