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Dec 18 2022

Texas Bill Would Ban Nonlethal Ammo

Anarchotyranny means that even as Democrats tighten the ligature on fundamental liberties like freedom of religion and the right of self-defense, they further erode law and order at the local level. A bill filed in Texas last week would forbid law enforcement from using nonlethal or as they call it nowadays “less-lethal” ammunition, which is designed to incapacitate but not kill, in case BLM/Antifa rioters or other criminals get hurt:

Rep. Erin Zwiener, a Hays County [Austin area] Democrat, filed the bill that would prohibit police from using less-lethal ammunition to control crowds. According to Zwiener’s bill, House Bill 974, less-lethal ammunition includes those commonly known as rubber bullets, wooden bullets, sponge rounds and bean bag rounds.

California’s Alameda County (Oakland area) has already agreed to stop using rubber bullets after hooligans were injured in the 2020 riots. Moonbattery-addled Washington State has passed a law banning them.

Those tasked with maintaining public order are not happy:

“How many times do we have to do this circle?” [Dallas Police Association president Mike] Mata said. “We started with the [lateral vascular neck restraint] and it was a great tool, but just like anything else, when it’s done improperly, it can injure. Then we went to the baton. Well, we can’t use the baton because it’s an aggressive impact weapon that can injure – obviously, you’re hitting someone with a steel stick. Then we went to the Taser. Well, they looked to stop doing the Taser because if you’re a person who’s going through some form of drug-induced or you’re in poor health there’s a chance you could have a heart attack. Then, we had to stop using the pepper spray for the same reasons.”

Stern admonitions will still be allowed, so long as officers don’t raise their voices or say anything offensive.

With the hundreds of Black Lives Matter/Antifa riots that occurred in 2020, Democrats exploited street violence as a political weapon, just as Nazis did with the Sturmabteilung. The next time the liberal establishment finds it advantageous to whip urban mobs into a frenzy over some alleged social injustice, the police will find their hands tied all the tighter.

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