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Jul 05 2021

The Battle of Wi Spa

If a single battle sums up the Culture War, it is the Battle of Wi Spa, which began when a woman had the courage to stand up to the liberal establishment by complaining about a transgender person exposing himself in the women’s locker room. The battle escalated on Saturday, with Antifa goons beating Christians outside the spa in the name of the LGBT agenda.

Paul Joseph Watson brings us up to date on this absurd but critical chapter in history:

No one except sociopathic perverts benefits directly from what leftists are attempting to inflict on the innocent at the Battle of Wi Spa. Yet victory would be precious to progressives, because they know their opposition cannot afford to lose.

If liberals can force us to accept degenerates menacing little girls with their private parts in public, they have won. It is too late to defend sanity and decency anywhere if we can’t defend them here. The rest of the war will be a mop-up operation, as moonbats reduce what’s left of the West to an obscene hybrid of the Soviet Union, Zimbabwe, and a San Francisco bathhouse.

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