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Jul 10 2021

Leftists Pretend Wi Spa Incident Was Staged

The Battle of Wi Spa rages on. If it escalates, it could become a turning point in the Culture War.

The battle began when a woman defiantly objected to a degenerate exposing himself in the ladies’ locker room, proclaiming that he identifies as a female while displaying his genitals. Since this occurred in Los Angeles in 2021, the owners sided with the predator, giving a politically correct thumbs up to his sexual harassment of innocent women and even little girls. Christians demonstrated on behalf of decency in front of the spa. They were violently assaulted by Antifa goons for resisting the LGBT agenda.

The ongoing battle has done so much to reveal the vileness and depravity at the heart of modern liberalism that leftists now pretend the whole incident is a hoax of the type they themselves specialize in. This risible example of projection can be taken as a tacit admission that their side’s behavior at Wi Spa is indefensible.

Paul Joseph Watson provides another update:

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