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May 30 2021

The Biden Effect

The Biden presidency has been an unmitigated disaster in every other respect, but at least his handlers’ blitzkrieg war on energy production quickly resolved the global warming problem. Despite unrelenting hysteria from the mainstream media about the supposedly problematic climate, it hasn’t been especially warm lately. Tony Heller presents some interesting numbers:

Imagine if it were as hot now as it was back in 1934 or 1911, when CO2 levels were vastly lower than currently. Journalists would shriek themselves hoarse. Democrats would declare a state of emergency. Actually, they want to do that anyway, even though the climate has been fine for some time.

Heller is on the mark as usual:

“Pretty much everything we hear from the press and politicians now has no basis in reality. We live in a world driven by propaganda, junk science, misinformation, and superstition.”

Pretending that electric cars, higher energy prices, obsessive recycling, eating bugs, et cetera will somehow improve the weather is magical thinking — that is, superstition.

Lately it is increasingly necessary to point out the obvious:

“One of the main reasons why people don’t die from heat and cold anymore is that we have fossil fuels, which provide us with air conditioning and central heating.”

These may have to be taken away from us in the name of climate ideology before people wake up from their propaganda-induced stupor and stop voting for Democrats. We got a glimpse of the future our moonbat rulers have planned last February when people froze in energy-rich Texas due to politically driven reliance on unreliable green energy.

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