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Dec 17 2020

The Dismantle Mass Incarceration for Public Health Act

With liberals taking charge, it’s a great time to be a criminal. Los Angeles County DA George Gascon will see to it that even the most violent sociopaths get parole. Congresswoman-elect Cori Bush (D-MO) is asking Joe Biden to grant clemency to everyone on death row, and has the identity politics credentials to get her way. Overweight criminals in particular will be in the clover:

The bill to free all the fat criminals, sponsored by Rep. Tlaib, Rep. Lee, and Rep. Pressley, and co-sponsored by Rep. Ocasio-Cortez, Rep. Omar, and eight other Democrats, and endorsed by Black Lives Matter, calls for a mass jailbreak to protect criminals from the coronavirus.

Readers will recall that Judge Peter Wilson recently used the same ChiCom virus excuse to order half the inmates of Orange County jail set free, fortunately receiving some resistance from Sheriff Don Barnes. It’s part of a nationwide phenomenon, as liberals stoke chaos by releasing criminals onto the streets while reducing funding for police.

The Dismantle Mass Incarceration for Public Health Act, introduced by Rep Tlaib, would “require States and units of local government to certify a commitment to release certain individuals from jails and prisons” and their list includes anyone who’s over 55 years old, unhealthy, or obese.

“Mass incarceration” is the latest liberal boogeyman. The way to fight it is not to prevent crime, but on the contrary to set criminals loose, knowing that this will produce more crime.

Tlaib’s bill would strike a mighty blow against America by unleashing hordes of criminals.

DOJ statistics show that about half of federal and state inmates have some sort of chronic condition: 15% have asthma, 10% have heart problems, and 9% have diabetes. All of these conditions are on the Squad’s jailbreak bill’s release list. With over 2 million prison inmates, if these statistics hold up, between 200,000 to 680,000 criminals could be set loose.

As for being obese,

Over a quarter hit the obese [body mass index] numbers. That would mean freeing at least half a million fat criminals.

As an added bonus, the bill would free any criminal who has reached the age of 55.

The unabomber, the BTK killer, and the Son of Sam, all of whom are still in prison today, and over the age of 55, would qualify.

The pretext for this lunacy is that if we don’t free criminals, they may die of the Wuhan virus. Actually,

So far 149 federal inmates, out of 124,538 total, have died from the virus. …

More people get shot in Chicago by criminals in one weekend than the total number of criminals who have died of the virus in custody.

The bill would also release criminals who are mentally ill. In the olden days, mental illness was a reason to lock people up, not to set them loose. But that is impractical now, given that anyone who votes for Democrats would arguably qualify.

Other aspects of the bill would free pretty much everyone else who is beyond bars. Anyone deemed unlikely to assault other people gets freed. The disabled get freed, with “disability” including health issues that cannot be disproven, like back pain. Any illegal alien held on an ICE detainer gets freed.

Essentially, the bill calls for prisons to be emptied. We have nothing worse to fear from the maniacs who would be freed than we do from the maniacs in Congress.

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