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Dec 17 2020

Seattle May Effectively Legalize Crime

Leave it to a city at the cutting edge of liberalism to discover a way to combat “mass incarceration” that works even better than letting all the criminals loose. The moonbats running Seattle have stumbled onto the solution of never locking them up in the first place by establishing poverty, mental illness, and recreation drug use as legal defenses.

Via Judicial Watch:

Elected officials in a major U.S. city plan to pass a law that will allow thieves to sell items they steal if they do it to earn money for basic needs and trespassers to set up camp on private property when it is to obtain adequate shelter. Dozens of other crimes—including assault and harassment—will be excused under the preposterous measure if suspects are poor, mentally ill or addicted to drugs. It is being crafted as a poverty defense and will allow municipal court judges to dismiss a multitude of crimes if poverty, mental illness or a substance-abuse disorder drove the perpetrator to commit them.

We are closing in on absolute anarchotyranny, under which only those who are not criminals need to fear law enforcement (e.g., people who want to run a business during COVID-19 lockdowns, people who want to exercise their constitutional right to bear arms).

The proposal was first introduced during the Seattle City Council’s budget deliberations weeks ago, according to a local news report. It … has gained incredible steam and appears to have enough support to alter the city code early next year.

The aftershocks of the fabricated hullabaloo over George Floyd’s fentanyl overdose may prove even more devastating than the initial wave of rioting.

The force behind the push for the new law is a leftist organization called Decriminalize Seattle that opposes policing and the criminal legal system. The group has called for defunding the Seattle Police Department by at least 50%…

Crime was already skyrocketing in Seattle even before anti-police, pro-criminal Black Lives Matter mania took hold. Residents are advised to get out before property values collapse. Better a city should burn to the ground than succumb to moonbattery.

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