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Nov 11 2020

The Hollow Hypocrisy of Dem Calls for Unity and Healing

The election was a virtual tie, so that even now it is not entirely clear who won. But the same establishment media/Democrat Party that has waged total war against Trump and his supporters throughout his administration has announced Biden the winner, so now we are supposed to put division behind us and all unite. “We are not enemies. We are Americans,” croaks Biden.

Gerard Baker is choking on the hypocrisy:

If there’s a single image that captures the hollow hypocrisy of these pleas for unity and healing, it was one I witnessed on the streets of Manhattan on Saturday in the minutes after the television networks had anointed Mr. Biden president-elect: jubilant crowds dancing joyfully in front of stores that had been boarded up in advance of the election in case the result went the other way.

There can be unison so long as they get their way. There will be riots and strife if they don’t.

The choice is clear: we can unconditionally surrender to leftists or we can fight them constantly. That choice remains, regardless of the election results.

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