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Aug 13 2023

Liberals Cancel Robert E. Lee’s Horse

Liberals have not finished erasing Americans who fought for the South, but in their fanaticism have already begun to go after their horses:

Traveller, the horse which served Confederate General Robert E. Lee, has long been a fixture of campus culture at Washington and Lee University, as the famous steed, known for his courage and stamina, is buried on campus.

But Traveller’s Confederate connections recently led university officials to remove two markers erected in his honor, his gravestone as well as a plaque honoring the beloved companion. …

Traveller served Lee both during the Civil War and afterwards, when the ex-general became president of the then-Washington College. Lee was president from 1865 until his death in 1871. Traveller died a few months later.

Lee was a great man who defended his home, Virginia. For moonbats, that is all the more reason to erase him.

Here’s why Traveller has to go down the memory hole:

One campus tradition is to place apples and pennies beside Traveller’s gravestone.

The apples are “because horses like apples,” [Kamron] Spivey [president of Students for Historical Preservation] said, and the “pennies are sort of a shot at Lincoln and the Union, placing the coin tails-up so that Lincoln is essentially kissing the grave of a horse.”

Despite Lincoln himself having been denounced as a white supremacist and slated for cancelation (see here, here, here, and here), resistance sentiment cannot be allowed.

Leftists are devoid of tolerance and grace. Expect the name of the school to be changed before long.

Liberals’ compulsion to erase from existence anything they associate with opposition to their repugnant ideology is their most frightening characteristic.

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Aug 09 2023

J.K. Rowling Erased

What goes around comes around regarding the vicious intolerance at the heart of leftism. Not even being liberal protects prominent cultural figures from cancelation if they fail to conform to progressive dogma on an up-to-the-moment basis. Consider J.K. Rowling, whose infraction is failure to comply with LGBTism:

A Seattle Museum has airbrushed JK Rowling from its hall of fame and Harry Potter exhibition over her gender-critical views.

The liberal establishment has Harry Potty now. It doesn’t need his creator anymore.

The Museum of Pop Culture (MoPOP) in Washington hit out at the famous author and accused her of holding ‘super hateful and divisive’ opinions. …

The museum still has Harry Potter memorabilia on display but any mention of the author of the franchise has been airbrushed.

Rowling has faced criticism for her views on transgender issues after she argued women should not be fired for believing biological sex is real.

Asserting that reality is real strikes at the heart of modern leftism. Maybe J.K. Rowling isn’t really a liberal after all.

[The museum’s] exhibitions project manager Chris Moore, who is transgender and uses the pronouns ‘he/they’, confirmed the museum would no longer contain any references to Rowling. …

Moore accused the author of using ‘racial stereotypes’, ‘fat-shaming’ and a ‘lack of LGBTQIA+ representation’ in the books.

Proclaims the pseudoman Moore:

‘It’s not a perfect solution, but it’s what we were able to do in the short-term while determining long-term practices.’

In the long term, Rowling’s works will be rewritten to address their ideological shortcomings. Then the author herself will be replaced with someone more suitable.

Future generations may be told that Chris Moore wrote her books. To quote Orwell yet again,

“The past was erased, the erasure was forgotten, the lie became truth.”

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Aug 06 2023

NASCAR Driver Canceled Over Lighthearted Meme

No one is more based than the fan base of NASCAR, who gave us the original version of the patriotic chant “Let’s Go Brandon.” In contrast, no one is more woke than the moonbats who run it. The leftism imposed from approve is so repressive that driver Noah Gragson has been suspended indefinitely for not displaying sufficient reverence for a career criminal who died of a fentanyl overdose while resisting arrest against a police officer half his size and who went on to become a deity in the liberal religion.

All Gragson did was like this light-hearted meme:

The reference is to the song “Under the Sea” from The Little Mermaid. Our moonbat overlords are not amused:

“We have made the decision to suspend Noah Gragson effective immediately regarding his actions that do not represent the values of our team,” Legacy Motor Club said in a statement. “Josh Berry will drive the No. 42 entry for this weekend’s NASCAR Cup Series race at Michigan.”

NASCAR tripled down on the team’s heavy-handed punishment:

“NASCAR fully supports Legacy Motor Club’s decision to suspend Noah Gragson,” the racing association stated. “Following his actions on social media, NASCAR has determined that Gragson has violated the Member Conduct section of the 2023 NASCAR Rule Book and has placed him under indefinite suspension.”

Don’t feel sorry for Gragson. Disgustingly, he licks the hand that whacked him:

“I am disappointed in myself for my lack of attention and actions on social media,” Gragson [groveled] on Twitter. “I understand the severity of this situation. I love and appreciate everyone. I try to treat everyone equally no matter who they are. I messed up plain and simple.”

We can’t all be Jason Aldean. But at some point life is not worth living without self-respect. How someone can have the nerve to drive a racecar but not to stand up to the gaggle of Dylan Mulvaneys comprising the liberal establishment is a mystery.

This rigid brand of “tolerance” is to be expected from the suits at NASCAR:

NASCAR has taken other actions in the wake of Floyd’s death, including its decision to ban the Confederate flag from its events and venues following complaints about its use by Bubba Wallace.

Pseudo-oppressed crybully Bubba Wallace is famous for possibly the most comically dim-witted hate hoax yet. If only all drivers were Bubba Wallace, NASCAR wouldn’t have to cancel them.

Totalitarianism means everyone must walk on egg shells at all times lest they say something that offends their overlords. That’s why there is no humor in totalitarian societies.

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May 04 2023

University of Texas Educrats Push Woke Vocabulary

Another word for “Liberalese” is “Orwellian.” When wokesters say one thing, they mean the opposite. For example, when they bark about the need to impose “inclusion,” what they mean is “exclusion.” Excluding those they hate in the name of tolerance transports progressives into a delirious ecstasy of vindictiveness. Some get so carried away that, apparently oblivious to the derisive laughter they inspire, they try to exclude the syllable “men” from the word “women.”

From the University of Texas at the moonbat foothold Austin:

The Office of Financial and Administrative Services at the university lists a glossary of terms on a webpage embedded within its “Diversity Commitment,” denoting them all as “language [that] matters.” Among the terms listed are “Wimmin,” “Womyn” and “Womxn,” which the glossary says are all alternatives to the traditional spelling of the word “Women.”

“Wimmin: A nonstandard spelling of the word ‘women’ used by feminists to avoid the word ending ‘-men,'” the University of Texas glossary of terms lays out.

The point of made-up words like “womxn” is “to get away from patriarchal language,” according to the University of Texas. Not being in favor of using such a foolish neologism is denounced in the harshest terms as “a very white thing.”

Maybe educrats are not oblivious to our laughter after all. The glossary has been deleted from UT’s Financial and Administrative Services website.

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Apr 13 2023

When Is a Hate Crime Not a Hate Crime?

A hate crime is not a hate crime when the culprit hates who he is supposed to hate. It helps if he is the kind of guy our rulers love, like the moonbat who vandalized St. Louise Catholic Church in Bellevue, Washington:

“Transgender” suspect Maeve Nota, a man who claims to be a woman, attacked the church building on June 28, 2022, smashing the glass doors, destroying a statue of the Blessed Mother, and spray-painting profane messages such as “F*** Catholics,” “kid groomers,” “woman haters,” and “rot in your fake hell.” Damage was estimated to be $30,000.

The “kid groomers” accusation coming from a transsexual in the age of drag queen story hours is an example of the jaw-droppingly hypocritical projection that typifies leftists.

Thirty-one-year-old Nota also assaulted a church employee and resisted arrest, according to FOX News.

But it was all justified, because the motive was that Nota did not agree with Roe v. Wade finally getting overturned. Consequently, Biden’s Department of Injustice charged him with a misdemeanor and recommended no jail, 3-year probation.

The concept of “hate crimes” is useful because it is subjective enough to allow authorities to crush people they don’t like while greenlighting violence against other people they don’t like.

The DOJ website indicates: “At the federal level, hate crime laws include crimes motivated by bias” against a victim’s perceived “race, color, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, or disability.” Washington state has adopted all of these categories under its own hate crime laws as well.

But since hate crime is thought crime, this only applies when the liberal ruling class does not approve of the imputed thoughts. By “religion,” they mean Islam. They sure don’t mean Catholicism.

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Apr 11 2023

Springsteen Guitarist Wants to “Exterminate” Republicans

Looks like the attitudes of limousine leftist Bruce Springsteen have rubbed off on his musicians:

Springsteen’s veteran E-Street band guitarist Steven Van Zandt issued a call to fans and supporters on social media Sunday to “Exterminate the (Republican) cockroaches.”

Don’t hold back, liberal elitists. Tell us what you really think of half of the American population.

Van Zandt explains why he deleted his original tweet calling for Republicans to be exterminated:

“To avoid spending half my day deleting Foxsucking scumbag Russian bots and MAGOTT cockroaches like you! Go take away some women’s rights, keep some Black people from voting, go harass a Trans event, go shoot some kids, do what Republicans do best and get the f[***] outta my feed!”

The reference to shooting kids comes in the aftermath of a transsexual terror attack on a Christian school that resulted in the murder of three 9-year-olds. Again we see that moonbats are not merely disconnected from reality but pointed 180° away from it.

Van Zandt previously ventured into politics after Springsteen demanded that men be allowed to use women’s bathrooms in North Carolina:

Springsteen announced he had abruptly canceled a show in Greensboro to protest North Carolina’s LGBT “bathroom law” and Van Zandt spoke to reporters about the band’s decision to pull the plug on its fans.

“It’s unfortunately the only way people understand. You have to hurt them economically in order to have them do the right thing morally, unfortunately,” Van Zandt told Rolling Stone backstage at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony in New York.

If you live in a part of the country where male perverts are not granted access to the ladies’ room, Steven Van Zandt wants to hurt you. Keep that in mind next time you go shopping for music.

In 2020, Springsteen proclaimed that he would leave the country that he famously denounced in the song “Born in the USA” if Trump was reelected. Maybe if the GOP prevails in 2024, he will leave and take Van Zandt with him. We can hope.

The Boss and the Big Guy.

On tips from Wiggins and Chris Neilson.

Mar 30 2023

Moonbats Demand Mets Rename Citi Field

For moonbats, intolerance is an end in itself. So desperate are New York City liberals to find something to be intolerant about that they demand the Mets change the name of Citi Field — because Citibank invests in the precious fossil fuels that allow the city to function.

Via Fox News:

City Public Advocate Jumaane Williams is pushing to rename the New York Mets’ home stadium, Citi Field, over climate change concerns.

Citigroup pays an estimated $20 million per year to have its name on the stadium. That money is ill-gotten, from the moonbat point of view, because some of it came from investing in energy.

Because money is only clean to a liberal if it has been confiscated and redistributed by Big Government, all stadiums should be renamed “Government Field.” That would establish equity, so that no stadium would have a more appealing name than another.

“The Public Advocate and fans will cite the bank’s role in financing polluters and profiting from climate chaos,” Williams’ office said in a statement.

“Global warming” was discarded because the climate fluctuates in both directions. “Climate change” doesn’t work either, because too many understand that the climate will always change no matter what Big Government inflicts on us. “Climate chaos” will do for now. When people continue to laugh off the imaginary crisis, progressives may have to switch to something even darker, like “climate doom.”

According to leftist ideology, generating energy by effective means causes climate chaos because it releases the essential plant nutrient carbon dioxide.

Barks Jumaane Williams:

“Citibank’s practices do not represent the values of the Mets or our city, and we must make better demands. If Citi refuses to end their toxic relationship with the fossil fuel industry, the Mets should end their partnership with Citi.”

Once the values of sports teams centered on sports. Theatrical displays of obeisance to Black Lives Matter put an end to that. Sports are no longer about sports. They are about moonbattery. In a totalitarian society, everything is about the ruling class ideology.

It isn’t just Jumaane Williams. Lucas Sanchez is co-executive director of New York Communities for Change.

“I can’t teach my kids to love the Mets if I’m also teaching them about climate change,” said Sanchez, whose kids are 7, 9 and 13. “The Mets are contributing to polluting the planet by partnering with Citi.”

Imagine the effect on the 8.8 million people who live in NYC of reducing electricity to what can be generated through green energy idiocy. Civilization would collapse. Does the stench of rotting corpses count as pollution?

Citi contributed approximately $31 billion in combined lending and underwriting to oil, gas and coal firms since 2021.

Because of such investments, when viewed from the air at night, New York City is a field of light. Moonbats would prefer that it look like the leftist utopia North Korea.

Jejune Williams has ambitions.

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Mar 25 2023

Erasure of Donald Trump Is Underway

Donald Trump needn’t worry about the bad press he has gotten from the liberal media. None of it will be remembered. Trump himself won’t be remembered, because he will be erased as surely as Confederate generals (and the Founding Fathers behind them). The process is already underway:

New York State Sen. Brad Hoylman-Sigal introduced legislation Wednesday to change the name of Donald J. Trump State Park, which straddles Westchester and Putnam Counties.

The park was named after Trump for good reason:

The park was established in 2006 when former President Donald Trump donated 436 acres of land to the state.

However, Trump’s name anywhere cannot be tolerated because tolerance:

“New York State has always been known for its history of welcoming and embracing people of all cultures and backgrounds. Even our park system reflects these values,” wrote lawmakers in the bill. “The names of these parks and green spaces should embody the goals of uplifting, and unifying New Yorkers.”

Except for the millions of New Yorkers who disagree with Democrats.

Maybe Trump wouldn’t want his name on this park anyway:

Maintenance at the park was suspended in 2010 due to budget cuts. Since then, the park has remained in a state of disrepair.

As the state decays, New York’s Democrat rulers will shower $10 billion upon illegal aliens in 2023.

Democrats offer totalitarian intolerance, petty vindictiveness, surreal extremes of hypocrisy, and dysfunctional mismanagement. This story showcases all four traits.

On a tip from Wiggins.

Mar 14 2023

Girls’ Team Banned for Not Playing Against Team With Boy

Liberals shriek that we must let men play on women’s sports teams because “tolerance.” Here’s what they mean by tolerance:

The Vermont Principals’ Association, which oversees school athletics, said Monday afternoon that Mid Vermont Christian School in Quechee will no longer be eligible to participate in sports and other sponsored activities.

This draconian punishment was inflicted because the private Christian school forfeited a girls’ basketball game rather than play against a team that reduced the concept of girls’ sports to farce by having a boy on it.

Mid Vermont violated the organization’s anti-discrimination and gender identity policies, the organization told the school in a letter of ineligibility. Those policies allow athletes to play on the team that is “consistent with their gender identity” and prohibit discrimination “based on a student’s actual or perceived sex and gender.”

Leaving aside the blasphemous aspect of transsexualism, Mid Vermont Christian had good reason to refuse to play Long Trail School:

Mid Vermont Christian’s head of school, Vicky Fogg, said in a statement last month that the school believed “playing against an opponent with a biological male jeopardizes the fairness of the game and the safety of our players.”

However, if our woke overlords gave a flying damn about women’s safety, they would not impose their ideology by placing men in women’s prisons.

Jay Nichols, the executive director of the Vermont Principals’ Association, said the organization’s 15-member executive board was unanimous in its decision.

Everything is to be unanimous in liberal utopia. The fate of Mid Vermont Christian illustrates what happens to those who don’t go along.

Nichols said he could not remember any prior instances of a school being barred from sporting events. There is no existing appeals process, he said.

Again we see that the word “tolerance” means zero tolerance for anyone who resists the grotesque leftist agenda.

On a tip from Franco.

Mar 10 2023

Phoenix School Board Will Not Tolerate Christian Values

Driven by the intolerance they piously denounce, progressives are using their control of schools to purge education of Christians, whom they hate with satanic intensity. In Phoenix, the Washington Elementary School District refused to renew a Student Teacher Placement agreement with Arizona Christian University, explicitly out of hostility toward Christian values:

Under the agreement, student teachers [were] able to get educational experience at WESD schools, which may qualify for ACU academic credit. For the school district, the partnership also helped alleviate a growing teacher shortage.

Never mind the teacher shortage, social engineers do not want Christians to have access to children, on the grounds that they might fail to groom them on behalf of the agenda.

The board members, three of whom identify as members of the LGBTQ+ community, said that having student teachers with biblical values in the state’s largest elementary school district is too dangerous.

“[The] institution has policies that are openly bigoted, and I will not sit here as a member of the community and let our children be subjected to that,” said [Tamillia] Valenzuela.

By “bigoted,” she means, “virtuous.”

According to ACU’s Student Handbook for the 2021-2022 school year, the school states that it believes “God has ordained and created marriage to exist between one man and one woman, with absolute marital fidelity.”

Until a few years ago, hardly anyone would have had a problem with that. Now that iniquity has attained the upper hand via leftist politics, it is regarded as thoughtcrime and will not be tolerated by our degenerate overlords.

Brace yourself for a blast of trademark liberal hypocrisy:

“Adults are perpetuating bullying. They are perpetuating hatred,” said board member Tamillia Valenzuela.

Now brace yourself to meet hate-fueled bully Tamillia Valenzuela:

The Founding Father of Leftism under whom the concentration camp was invented reminds us what it means that people like Tamillia Valenzuela control the schools:

Give me just one generation of youth, and I'll transform the whole world. - Vladimir Lenin

On a tip from Varla.

Feb 21 2023

Open Thread

We live in a world of intolerance masked as tolerance. - Rush Limbaugh

Feb 18 2023

Gretchen Felker-Martin and J.K. Rowling’s Throat

When moonbats bark about the need for tolerance, they mean intolerance of “intolerance,” as in Frankfurt Schooler Herbert Marcuse’s infamous essay “Repressive Tolerance.” They mean this:

A renowned transgender horror author who signed a letter last week condemning The New York Times’s coverage of trans issues has tweeted that she wants to slit J.K. Rowling’s throat.

Even the New York Times has fallen behind as leftism plunges headlong into utter insanity.

Gretchen Felker-Martin named a series of writers she accused of transphobia – including Rowling – in a tweet sent on February 12. She added: ‘If they all had one throat, man.’ …

In Felker-Martin’s debut novel, Manhunt, published in February 2022, Rowling is murdered by being burned alive.

The book is promoted as ‘an explosive post-apocalyptic novel that follows trans women and trans men on a grotesque journey of survival.’ It has been lauded as ‘visceral’ ‘gripping’ and ‘brilliant’ by NPR and the New Yorker.

Grotesque is probably putting it mildly. The book does sound like something NPR and the New Yorker would want people reading.

Harry Potter creator J.K. Rowling is a lefty in other respects, but she refuses to comply with the transsexual demand that the concept of womanhood be abolished. Like all reasonable people, she does not think men pretending to be women belong in women’s prisons, on women’s sports teams, et cetera.

Consequently, she is a pariah who must be castigated for her thoughtcrime. It is no longer possible to be 99% liberal. Compliance with the current dictates of political correctness must be absolute. The New York Times had better get with the program on trans radicalism if doesn’t want to be left behind and get canceled.

“Gretchen” is one scary freak.

On a tip from Ed McAninch.

Feb 09 2023

Catholic Student Excluded for Thoughtcrime

The FBI has been spying on “Radical Traditionalist Catholics,” who are deemed by Democrats to be a threat to security. If only he were American, the Mark Houck treatment could be applied to Josh Alexander:

An Ontario high school student is not allowed to attend his Catholic school for the remainder of the year because he expressed the belief that God created only two sexes, with the school arguing that his presence would be “detrimental to the physical and mental well-being” of transgender students.

He must have been reading subversive literature, like Genesis 1:27, Genesis 5:2, or Matthew 19:4, all of which state plainly that God created us male and female.

Josh Alexander, 16, has not been permitted to attend St. Joseph’s Catholic High School in Renfrew, Ontario since last November when he organized a protest in support of the right of female students to have single-sex washrooms after two girls had confided in him that they were uncomfortable sharing spaces with trans-identified male students.

In our benighted past, defending girls from having their private spaces invaded by male perverts would have been encouraged and admired. Those unwoke times will be erased.

Alexander had also expressed his belief that there are only two immutable sexes during a law class discussion, saying that he felt that males belong in male washrooms and females belong in female washrooms because identity doesn’t change biology.

This assertion of objective fact was denounced as “offensive” and “bullying.”

If a Catholic school won’t allow Christianity, why would it allow biology? Only one viewpoint is permitted where moonbats prevail: moonbattery.

First, the Grade 11 student was suspended, but then following the end of his suspension, the principal made the decision to “exclude” him for the remainder of the year. The two amount to the same thing, but an exclusion is not technically disciplinary.

Exclusion is what liberals mean when they bark about “inclusion.”

An advantage of excluding Alexander instead of extending his suspension is that it helps educrats pretend that they are not punishing him for his conventional beliefs, but rather protecting sacred transsexuals from having their feelings hurt by exposure to a practicing Christian.

While he is excluded, Alexander cannot attend any school, since he is enrolled at the “Catholic” school. At this point in the decline of education, that might be for the best.

On a tip from Lyle.

Feb 09 2023

FBI Targets Traditional Catholics

No wonder the KGB I mean FBI is getting a new HQ twice the size of the Pentagon. It takes a big agency to monitor the many Americans who are Threats to Democracy — like traditional Catholics:

A document released by an FBI whistleblower indicates the agency plans to intensify its “assessment” and “mitigation” of “Radical Traditionalist Catholics” over the next 12 to 24 months due to alleged concerns that “white nationalists” are increasingly making common cause online with attendees of the Latin Mass.

A “white nationalist” can be defined as anyone with pale skin leftists don’t like.

The report alleges that its real motivation is a concern that “Radical Traditionalist Catholic Ideology” possesses an “anti-Semitic, anti-immigrant, anti-LGBT, and white supremacy” outlook, and that this presents a threat to the US’s domestic well-being.

Let’s not forget Islamophobic. The report expresses alarm that Catholics have made “crusader references.” According to progressives, the selfless heroes of the Crusades were the bad guys because they attempted to defend Christians in the Holy Lands from Muslim conquerors.

The emphasis on targeting Americans for their religious beliefs may help uncover more public enemies like Mark Houck. Why wait for them to get in an altercation with a moonbat before sending in a SWAT team to terrorize them for their incorrect views?

Among the most controversial aspects of the memo is that it directly cites a defamatory study conducted by the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) on the subject “Radical Traditional Catholicism.” The SPLC has long been rejected as a legitimate resource for the FBI, Seraphin says, but in this instance, it is being relied on as a primary source to justify its efforts. The memo also references three anti-Catholic smear articles (here, here, and here) published by leftwing websites Salon and The Atlantic to defend its monitoring.

The SPLC is a hard left hate group that pushes malicious moonbattery to the point of self-parody and beyond. For example, it has denounced the milquetoast-mannered Ben Carson as an “extremist” and has tried to cancel Dr Seuss. It accuses the blog Jihad Watch — which exists to keep an eye on actual violent extremists — of “violent extremism.” According to the SPLC, hate is not hate if you hate people you are supposed to hate, namely Caucasians.

The SPLC directly inspired gay rights terrorist Floyd Lee Corkins to shoot up the offices of the Family Research Council. But doesn’t need misfit maniacs like Corkins anymore.

In our unfolding police state, the SPLC will provide the brains; the FBI will provide the muscle.

Hat tip: Canon212.


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