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May 25 2021

The Sort of Story That Isn’t Covered

No good deed goes unpunished — not when the good Samaritan is a member of the hated oppressor race like 72-year-old Jason Jones. From Missouri:

Jones was heading toward Kansas City, planning to stop off at a couple salvage yards when he saw a driver with a blown tire and pulled over. …

Jones said 19-year-old Choyce Davis and a young woman with him hopped in his van. He took them to two salvage businesses looking for a spare tire. They ultimately loaded up and headed back to the couple’s car, parked near the Holt exit on I-35 in Clay County.

That’s when they attacked him, bashing his head with a metal rod, forcing him to dive out of the moving van, then choking him and punching his face after the vehicle had gone off the road.

A passerby called 911. The couple tried to get in the van and take off, but it was stuck in the mud. Deputies arrived fast, arresting Davis and the young woman.

Jones suffered a brain bleed and fractured skull. He nearly died. Davis was released on Bond.

Contrast this obscure event with the more widely publicized story of Jonathan Pentland, an Army sergeant who was arrested for assault for pushing a punk who had been terrorizing the neighborhood. He was separated from his family, suspended by Fort Jackson, had his house laid siege to and vandalized, and was depicted as a racist fiend for answering a neighbor’s call for help.

Which story do you suppose went viral and got media coverage? In which case did the Department of Justice get involved?

On a tip from Wiggins.


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