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Oct 21 2021

The Tragedy of the Treadmill

Setting the comically incompetent Joe Biden and his radical handlers atop the federal government has had the predictable effect on our economic well-being. The media spins that we should lower our expectations. Under rule by the radicalized Democrat Party, this is no longer the kind of country where you can take it for granted that the shelves won’t be empty. The response from the Regime to our growing anger is to sneer at us. White House spokesmoonbat Jen Psaki sums up the attitude of our leftist rulers:

As noted at Not the Bee,

For rich elites like Jen – who have the institutional privilege they keep accusing others of – it is just a matter of inconvenience. If food prices keep skyrocketing (which they will) and essential items disappear off shelves completely (which they are), it’s not going to affect Jen.

The French Revolution — in which widespread hatred of an arrogant ruling class boiled over — is starting to make perfect sense.


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