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Nov 16 2021

Themis Device Sounds Alarm When Thoughtcrime Is Spoken

Here’s a perfect gift for every moonbat on your Christmas shopping list: a device that sounds an “extremely bothersome” 2-minute alarm when it hears something politically incorrect:

A new trigger-warning detector which sound alarms when it detects offensive speech has been unveiled at Dubai Design Week.

The Themis is a lamp-sized device intended to ‘moderate’ debate in classrooms and universities and ‘manifest political correctness’ into a product.

Themis was the Greek goddess of justice and social order. The Greeks didn’t have a goddess of social justice.

Themis is being currently trialled in classrooms and universities with a view to a wider roll-out soon.

The device is intended for home use as well, to “police language at dinner parties and family gatherings.”

Maybe you can hook it up to Alexa so that the authorities are notified when thoughtcrime is spoken.

On a tip from WOMP WOMP WOMP WOMP WOMP WOMP and ABC of the ANC.


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