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Aug 29 2022

These Classic Films to Be Banned Next

The Thought Police will not be satisfied with canceling classics from the golden age of Hollywood like Gone With the Wind. Lesser, more recent classics like Mrs. Doubtfire, Ace Ventura: Pet Detective, and Silence of the Lambs have already drawn the ire of the LGBTQ militants who determine what is and is not allowed in our culture.

Some Like It Hot and Tootsie are likely to follow. If it is worth watching or even mildly amusing, leftists will eventually ban it.

The term “transgender” itself is likely to be banned, as it is thoughtcrime not to believe that transsexual transitioners were always whatever gender they currently claim to be. Already, you can get thrown off YouTube for mentioning their original names.

In place of the classic movies that are erased, we will be fed a steady diet of depraved filth like AJ and the Queen, with a focus on corrupting the innocence of children, who in a society dominated by moonbats are denied the joy of not knowing about sex and even of not knowing about perverted sex.

Mark Dice sounds the alarm:

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