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Nov 01 2020

Thugs Shut Down USA Freedom Rally in Beverly Hills

No wonder the moonbats are so nervous. When it comes to the liberal elite, Beverly Hills is the belly of the beast. If a Trump rally as big as yesterday’s USA Freedom Rally could happen there, one might break out anywhere:

Obviously, such displays of support for the president cannot be permitted. Democrats deployed their shock troops:

[B]lack-clad counterprotesters dressed in tactical gear marched from Roxbury Park towards the USA Freedom Rally.

Here’s what happens when courageous Democrat warriors manage to isolate a patriot:

Video shows a throng of demonstrators dressed in all-black swarm a man holding an American flag. Then a person seems to pepper-spray the man with the flag; he retaliated by swinging his flag pole at them. As more members of the mob advance towards him, he takes more swings to keep the distance between them.

A man wearing a black helmet with the acronym “ACAB,” which stands for “All Cops Are Bastards,” attempts to wrestle the American flag from the Trump supporter. Then several other black-clad members jump in and pummel the man from all sides. One person is seen hitting the Trump supporter in the back of the head with a pole.

Thank you Antifa, for demonstrating graphically what our future will look like under leftist rule.

The man gets away for a second and then is clobbered again by the mob. They punch, kick, and smash him with objects as he is defenseless on the ground.

Good thing for Democrats that they control the media, or this would make for some embarrassing press.

Since the leftists control not only the media but also local authorities in places like Los Angeles, these brownshirt tactics are marvelously effective:

An unlawful assembly was declared shortly before 2:40 p.m.

As usual in cases of Antifa violence, there were no arrests.

That’s how you shut down a freedom rally. Pat yourself on the backs, progressives. Nazis wouldn’t have done a better job.

The dichotomy between the good guys and the bad guys has never been more obvious. It isn’t Republicans and Democrats on the ballot Tuesday. It is good and evil.

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