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Feb 26 2021

Time Praises Biden’s Clear Focus on Alzheimer’s

Finally, some liberal establishment media praise of Joe Biden that might be based on reality. Gush his cheerleaders at Time:

No president has entered the White House with as clear a focus on Alzheimer’s disease as Joe Biden.

Normally, clear focus is not associated with AD or Joe Biden.

Alzheimer’s is already our country’s most expensive disease, and continuing to manage it is more costly than developing a cure.

Biden is just the guy to demonstrate how expensive Alzheimer’s can be.

Look out, the apparatchiks at Time almost committed a thought crime. They call for an “Operation Warp Speed for Alzheimer’s”:

In the race to fight COVID-19, regulators cut red tape allowing pharmaceutical companies, the NIH and FDA to closely collaborate in an unparalleled way. By providing billions of dollars for development, production and distribution of vaccines, the government was able to incentivize participation in this important public-private partnership.

That did result in COVID-19 vaccines becoming available far earlier than expected. But although they avoid mentioning Trump in this context, it is a faux pas in the media even to imply that his administration did something constructive.

No worries. The piece goes on to castigate Trump for not wanting to spend enough money, which “would have been catastrophic.” If it is published in Time, it is Democrat propaganda.

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