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Jan 27 2022

Tony Fauci: 2022 Portrait of a Nation Honoree

The good news for white guys is that it is still conceivable for them to be honored by the federal government via the Smithsonian Institution on behalf of the liberal establishment as Portrait of a Nation honorees. It helps to be an arrogant, grotesquely overpaid technocrat and admitted liar who may be complicit in 5.6+ million deaths and counting, who has covered up the origins of Covid, and who belongs in prison for lying to Congress.

Try not to gag:

On YouTube, viewers can see the 3 likes on the video above, but no count is shown for the dislikes. One reason for this could be that actual Americans do not worship Fauci the way our rulers do. A majority of independents want him to resign, despite this sort of spin from the media:

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