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Sep 09 2023

Trans Bully Tiffany Moore Gets Some Pushback

By now most people have seen the viral video of the guy made up as a parody of a woman threateningly snarling “It is ma’am!” at a GameStop employee in Albuquerque for failing to pretend he is female in accordance with our rulers’ ideology. Language alert:

The transvestite goes by the name Tiffany Moore. As we have come to expect, the media obsequiously supports him in his psychosis:

No word on whether they managed to get the store clerk fired.

Considering that the moonbats running the media think you will believe this guy is a woman, why would you insult your own intelligence by listening to anything else they say?

Let’s help “Tiffany” go viral again. For once, a trans bully gets a little pushback after invading the ladies’ room:

Anybody buy that Mr. Tiffany is “intersex?” Funny that currently fashionable angle (referring to a birth defect that affects 0.018% of the population) didn’t come up in the 4-year-old liberal media puff piece above.

Eventually one of these weirdos will make the media’s day by getting himself killed watching someone’s little girl pee. Then the liberal establishment will have a martyr to worship even more holy than the career criminal fentanyl victim George Floyd.

Hat tip: Not the Bee.


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