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Oct 04 2022

Trans Tyranny: Girls Kicked Out of Their Own Locker Room

If there is any confusion among women regarding their status relative to men who pretend to be women, this story ought to clear it up. In Vermont, the Randolph High School girls basketball team has been banned from its own locker room while educrats investigate the girls for objecting to the presence of a boy who says he is transsexual.

Refreshingly, female student and volleyball player Blake Allen stands up for sanity:

“I feel like for stating my opinion — that I don’t want a biological man changing with me — that I should not have harassment charges or bullying charges. They should all be dropped.”

The dispute started when the transsexual made an inappropriate comment while the girls were getting changed.

[Miss Allen] says that fellow team members and parents have also raised similar concerns and have approached the school with them. They were told that under state law, the transgender student could use whatever locker room [he] identified with.

In an email to families, school officials wrote that the school has “plenty of space where students who feel uncomfortable with the laws may change in privacy.”

This refers to a restroom. Boys who proclaim themselves to be transsexual have access to this too, so the girls would have to change one at a time in the single stall, which hopefully has a secure lock. If that takes too long, maybe there are some bushes outdoors they can change behind.

In the email to parents, school officials say they are conducting an investigation into allegations the girls harassed the transgender student.

Kudos to the girls for incurring the wrath of the liberal establishment by standing up to an LGBT bully. Very few have the spine to do that nowadays, which is why these bullies are running roughshod over every aspect of society.

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