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Apr 04 2023

Transsexual Agenda Continues to Target Children

Even after a transgender terrorist murdered three 9-year-olds along with three adults at a Christian school in Nashville, the movement’s focus on children continues.

From a suburb of Phoenix:

In an effort to “provide supports for our queer students,” Chandler Unified School District’s department of counseling and social services asked teachers to direct kids to a list of spring break activities put on by One-n-ten, a nonprofit that works to assist LGBTQ youth ages 14 to 24, according to an email obtained by the DCNF. Students could attend events such as “Trans & Gender Non Conforming (TGNC): Hair Journey” and “Queer Island Utopia” during their time off from school.

They told you they were coming for your children. They meant it:

Children’s teddy bears are too innocent to be left undefiled:

Build-a-Bear has unveiled its latest teddy bear creation — a drag queen bear inspired by Drag Race’s RuPaul. The new stuffed animal features the bear in exaggerated drag make-up and comes with a gold-sequined dress, gold pumps, and a flowing blonde wig.

Supposedly, these sexually deviant teddy bears are marketed to adults, which is plausible with moonbats…

But the company also spotlights the RuPaul bear prominently on its homepage adjacent to family-friendly stuffed animals as well as a cross-promotion with the Girl Scouts for kids parties.

Moving from the creepy to the flat out satanic,

From the story:

Boston Children’s Hospital co-director at its Center for Gender Surgery called for a drastic increase in capacity for what he called “gender-affirming care” (GAC), including surgeries, for kids as GOP states enact bans on the practices.

Oren Ganor is a plastic and reconstructive surgeon who specializes in gender-affirming surgeries.

Calling sex change butchery “gender-affirming surgery” is equivalent to calling Dylan Mulvaney a woman.

In a March 14 article he co-wrote with a medical school student, Shawheen J. Rezei, in The Journal of the American Medical Association, he said that the capacity for gender surgeries for kids needed to be increased.

Ganor advocates scaling up to meet the demand from woke parents who want a trophy transsexual child and come to Boston from red states where these horrific procedures have been outlawed.

Not even the Aztecs, with their assembly line human sacrifices that the Conquistadors heroically put a stop to, had a ruling class more conspicuously evil.

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