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Apr 04 2023

Transsexual Bill of Privilege

It might seem that transsexuals could not possibly be granted more privilege. They occupy the pinnacle of the cultural Marxist pyramid of power. Criticism of their appalling behavior is likely to result in cancelation. One of them carries out a suicide terror attack on a Christian school, killing six, including three 9-year-olds, and 4 days later the president of the United States issues a fawning proclamation demanding reverence for transsexuals. The face of transsexualism is even placed on beer cans. But with moonbats, too much is never enough. So Democrats in Congress are pushing a Transgender Bill of Rights, to codify the transsexual position atop the liberal caste system.

Shrieks sponsor Pramila Jayapal (D-WA):

“Day after day, we see a constant onslaught of anti-trans rhetoric and legislation coming from elected officials. Today we say enough is enough.”

“Anti-trans rhetoric” falls under what an American would call freedom of speech. Anti-trans legislation refers to state laws that would never have been necessary in any other civilization that has ever existed, protecting children from sexual mutilation and grooming by drag queens.

“With this resolution, we … outline a clear vision of what we must do in Congress in order to allow trans people to lead full, happy lives as their authentic selves.”

To be their “authentic selves” means to be unanimously affirmed in the absurd pretense that they are members of the opposite sex.

As evidence that transsexuals deserve special privileges, we are reminded that over 40% of them have attempted suicide. Yet liberals double down on recruiting children into this dysfunctional, self-hating cult.

The Transgender Bill of Rights would amend the Civil Rights Act of 1964 so that by proclaiming yourself to be a member of the opposite sex, you can claim all manner of special privileges, such as effectively being first hired and last fired.

It would destroy women’s sports by dictating that men can play on women’s teams.

It would ensnare more children by “ensuring access to an inclusive curriculum” — i.e., more sexually depraved propaganda in public schools for the purpose of grooming.

It would expand “access to gender-affirming medical care” — which presumably means paying for other people’s sex change operations and more children having their genitals and breasts surgically removed on behalf of a political agenda.

It would ban “conversion therapy” — i.e., counseling that does not encourage the patient to plunge deeper into sexual psychopathology.

It would even impose “a liaison within the Civil Rights Division of the Department of Justice dedicated to advising and overseeing enforcement of the civil rights of transgender people,” likely intended to ensure no one says anything transsexual militants don’t want to hear lest the full force of the federal government crash down upon them.

The list of cosponsors is long, as is the list of leftist NGOs like Amnesty International that endorse it. Biden will eagerly sign it into law, if Democrats are able to push it through Congress.

We are in uncharted waters. There have been many tyrannies throughout history, but never one openly devoted to imposing a perverted sexual agenda out of sheer moral depravity.

On a tip from ABC of the ANC.


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