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Jun 12 2024

Transsexual Maniac Gets Wrist Slap for Latest Attack

Inductees into the Transsexual Violence Hall of Horrors can be thankful authorities are so soft on crime:

A convicted trans sex offender who repeatedly punched, kicked and stamped on a lone woman in what a judge called an ‘unprovoked and frightening’ attack has been jailed for two years.

Louise Thomas, 24, admitted assault causing actual bodily harm on Tilly Lloyd-Jones on a canal path in the Newtown [Wales] area.

She was just walking past in broad daylight when Mr. Thomas got up from a bench and attacked her. Evidently he had some impulse he felt the need to indulge. The victim was left with bruising and four chipped teeth.

Thomas had convictions for violence, sexual assault and child porn offences.

That must be why they gave him 2 whole years. Whether he serves even that long before he is unleashed on the public again is another question.

In the olden days, Thomas would have been kept in a rubber room until he was at least sane enough to understand that he isn’t a woman. Real women would be less likely to get randomly assaulted.

On a tip from ABC of the ANC.


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