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Apr 07 2021

Transsexuals to Flood Women’s Prisons

Prison is never a good place to be, but especially not if you are female and live under the rule of left-wing lunatics:

A California law that took effect this year has prompted hundreds of transgender prison inmates to put in a request to be transferred to a facility that aligns with their gender identity.

As the Los Angeles Times Reports,

Inmates say guards have warned them that “men are coming” and to expect sexual violence.

So far this year, 261 requests have been made. If they are allowed to go through, expect this number to skyrocket. What guy wouldn’t rather be in a women’s prison? You can get lonely, after all.

Women may get lonely too — but not necessarily lonely enough to enjoy being locked up in the dark with male felons.

However, according to liberal dogma, if a guy says he is a gal, he literally becomes female and must have access to private facilities designated for the opposite sex.

Sane judges would put a stop to this madness by citing the Cruel and Unusual Punishments Clause of the US Constitution. Female convicts have been sentenced to prisons, not to rape rooms. But where are you going to find sane judges in California?

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