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Oct 20 2023

Twitter Troll Gets 7 Months in Prison

Sometimes tyranny is decentralized. Other times, it is more traditional, featuring Big Government imprisoning the opposition:

A far-right Twitter troll who posted fake ads telling Hillary Clinton supporters they could vote in the 2016 election by text was sentenced to seven months in prison Wednesday.

This is from the New York Daily Snooze, so “far-right” means all the way right of center.

Douglass Mackey, 34, was convicted of election interference in March…

Despite his arguments in court motions that his activities were protected First Amendment speech, Brooklyn Federal Court Judge Ann Donnelly countered that he was being sent to prison for conspiring to take away people’ right to vote.

At least the judge is correct in her assessment of Shrillary voters as humorless and gullible.

According to Donnelly, Mackey…

…used an “insidious” method of spreading lies to deceive people out of voting, describing it as “nothing short of an assault on our democracy.”

When you hear moonbats bark about threats to “Our Democracy,” hold tight to what remains of your liberty.

Mackey, whose wife just gave birth Tuesday, will have to surrender to authorities on Jan. 18. Donnelly denied his request to be free on bond pending his appeal.

Donnolly issues her decrees in New York City, where the streets have degenerated into a concrete jungle because actual criminals are freed without bail in accordance with liberal policy, enabling them to go berserk with axes and masturbate in front of children.

Behold the two tiers of justice under moonbat rule:

On a tip from Bluto.


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