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Sep 09 2020

US Mail Dumped

Why not do most of the voting by mail, like the Democrats want? Other than ballot harvesting, what could go wrong?

Here’s what:

An investigation was launched last week after massive bags of unopened United States Postal Service mail and packages were discovered at two separate locations in Southern California.

In the first incident last Thursday morning, police received a phone call alerting them that “possible stolen mail or whatever was dumped in an alleyway,” Glendale Police Sgt. Christian Hauptmann told the Los Angeles Times.

The second incident was captured on video.

The footage, shared with KTLA-TV, shows a rental truck backing into the parking lot of a medical salon. A man then exits the truck and tosses large bags of mail and packages from inside the truck onto the ground.

Mail dumps in Republican-leaning districts are a likelihood in November.

This headline from last month has new relevance:

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