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Oct 31 2022

US Population Displacement Proceeds

As the saying goes, if you are taking flak, you are over the target. Call attention to the systematic displacement of the American population and liberals will shriek that the Great Replacement Theory is a racist conspiracy. Meanwhile:

The Census Bureau’s monthly Current Population Survey (CPS) shows that the total foreign-born or immigrant population (legal and illegal) in the U.S. hit 47.9 million in September 2022 — a record high in American history — and an increase of 2.9 million since January 2021. At 14.6 percent, the immigrant share of the U.S. population is now just slightly below the all-time highs reached in 1890 and 1910. If present trends continue, the foreign-born share will surpass the all-time highs reached more than a century ago next year.

After the massive waves of the past, immigration was shut down for decades to allow for assimilation. This was relatively easy to achieve, because the immigrants were of the same race as the core population.

No immigration moratorium will occur with Democrats in charge. The last thing they want is assimilation; that would defeat the purpose, which is why they promote multiculturalism.

When leftists like Obama announce they are going to fundamentally transform our country, they don’t mean they are going to change it. According to their ideology, America is beyond redemption. The intention is to erase it and replace it with a different country, populated by a different people. That way, it cannot ever come back.

Illegal aliens account for most of the growth in the foreign-born population. These are not immigrants but invaders, who enter our country in contravention of our laws to make it their own. By deliberately encouraging this to happen, Democrat leadership is committing treason.

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