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Nov 30 2020

US Women’s Soccer Team Showcases Anti-American Agitprop Abroad

Over the past months, information has seeped through the MSM information blockade, allowing people to become aware that in addition to being anti-American, Black Lives Matter is a violent Marxist movement founded upon brazen lies. The media-induced euphoric support ginned up in the wake of a career criminal dying of a drug overdose has faded. Nonetheless, Black Lives Matter mania lives on in the sports world:

[T]he United States women’s soccer team protested the national anthem and made a social justice statement with “Black Lives Matter” uniforms prior to a game on Friday.

Ahead of their game with the Netherlands’ national team, the American women walked out of the locker room wearing jackets emblazoned with “Black Lives Matter.” During the playing of the American national anthem, nearly every member of the team knelt, according to ESPN, a sign of protest against America.

The very slogan “Black Lives Matter” is a protest against America — an affirmation that per leftist propagandists, America is an awful country because it is mean to blacks. Ironically, sports are conspicuous for showcasing the opportunities available to blacks only in the USA.

Is it too much to ask that when you are explicitly representing the United States abroad, you refrain from ostentatious displays of anti-American ideology?

If they keep it up with the moonbat politics, athletes may surpass journalists to become the least respected profession in America. In contrast to the NFL, NBA, and MLB, at least women’s soccer players don’t aggravate the insult by getting paid hundreds of times more than the allegedly racist working stiffs who fund their frivolous activities.

Decency and human rights. From a Marxist movement.

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