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Oct 05 2020

Black Lives Matter Ties to Communism, Terrorism

Considering the violent tactics and demented rhetoric associated with Black Lives Matter, it should surprise no one that its founders Patrisse Cullors, Alicia Garza, and Opel Tometi are associated with more conventional communists and terrorists.

Most are familiar with Cullors’ self-description as a trained Marxist. But there’s more:

Tometi and Garza are involved with a German revolutionary organization called Rosa Luxembourg Stiftung, which was established by former East German communist leaders to build a new wave of international socialist revolutions.

Patrisse Cullors was mentored by Maoist communist Eric Mann of the infamous Weathermen terrorists and the League of Revolutionary Struggle. All three confounders are connected with the socialist organization Liberation Road. Other connections link them with the Chinese communist government and the terror-prone Palestinian revolutionary movement.

This video from Choose Freedom offers an overview:

True enough, when cowards, fools, and moonbats kneel to Black Lives Matter, they are kneeling to communism and terrorism. Our country is under attack by unadulterated evil.

Hat tip: Liberty Daily.


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One Response to “Black Lives Matter Ties to Communism, Terrorism”

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