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Mar 02 2023

Vatican Says to Give Up Fossil Fuels for Lent

Progressives aspire to abolish Christianity altogether. In the meantime, they subvert and exploit it. Not even Merrick Garland could inflict as much damage as the moonbats who have infiltrated the Vatican, the official newspaper of which calls for the faithful to acknowledge Lent by giving up not unnecessary luxuries but the fossil fuels that keep us alive:

In the February 20 edition, L’Osservatore Romano noted how Catholics are being called to use Lent as “a time for reflections and concrete actions such as ‘fasting from gas.’” Additional measures to take included “limiting the use of heaters,” which the newspaper stated would act “not only as a sign of solidarity with Ukrainians and other afflicted peoples, but also to defund the war economy.”

With moonbats, the issue is never the issue; the issue is always ramming their psychotic ideology down your throat. Lent isn’t about Christ’s 40-day fast in the desert; it is about the war on energy and siding with the degenerate regime in Ukraine against Putin, who for all his faults wants to be a champion of Western Civilization and its traditions. These are under attack from within, notably including Christianity.

Giving up fossil fuels for Lent or ever is not only senseless but impossible. We rely on them for every aspect of our lives. Without fossil fuels, there would be virtually no electricity, transportation, employment, or food.

You might as well call on people to fast from oxygen. But the objective with leftists is to make politically correct gestures, not constructive suggestions.

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