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May 08 2021

Wakanda in Colorado

The idea is to actualize the comic book black utopia of Wakanda. Given the Colorado setting, maybe it would be better to describe the dream as a Galt’s Gulch for Black Lives Matter types. But if it ever comes into existence, Hammer City is more likely to call to mind the Donner party.

Black Hammer is praised by the media as an activist group that hands out masks and other goodies to People of Color. Its ideology goes beyond racially exclusive good deeds.

RT reports:

Openly communist, overtly anti-white, and proudly anti-Semitic, the ‘Black Hammer’ organization isn’t afraid of a fight. The group’s Twitter account fires off hourly invectives against the “cave beast” white race it sees as “colonizers,” and against the Jewish people it accuses of funding the “pig departments and prison systems that mass incarcerate and kill us everyday.” Bizarrely, the group has taken a fix on Anne Frank, calling the Holocaust victim a “bleach demon” …

Black Hammer’s members have been stockpiling cash. A GoFundMe campaign organized by the group has pulled in nearly $65,000 since last July. The group wants $500,000 to build a city of their own, with free healthcare, free rent, and no cops. White people and Jews are presumably not welcome.

Now Black Hammer says it has “liberated” 200 acres high in the Rocky Mountains. Whether that means they bought the land or are planning to squat there is unclear. What we do know is that the soil in that region is not ideal for farming, and winters are harsh and long.

Barking slogans inspired by critical race theory puts food on the table for college professors, journalists, and Democrat politicians, but these are all parasites feeding on civilization. It doesn’t work out in the wild.

On a tip from R F. Hat tip: Pirate’s Cove.


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