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Mar 03 2024

WaPo Spins Shoplifting Epidemic

Liberals have effectively legalized shoplifting in ever more areas they control, forcing stores to close as empowered lowlifes steal whatever comes to hand. Let’s see how the Washington Post spins the intolerable situation:

Post culture reporter Maura Judkis authored [a] piece in the paper’s Style section on Friday, with the headline “The zombie CVS, a late-capitalism horror story.”

The term “late-capitalism” implies WaPo propagandists think the goal of ending economic freedom and reducing us to collectivist poverty has nearly been achieved.

Judkis noted how a Columbia Heights, D.C. CVS had been looted and shoplifted from so much that there was hardly anything of value on store shelves until it was shut down this week.

But we are told it is no big deal that American cities are no longer sufficiently civilized for stores to operate. The USA deserves worse:

Judkis wrote, “America is a sticky-fingered nation built on stolen land, and its current moral panic is about shoplifting.”

We need to focus on the real villain, which is not mobs of looting savages and the progressives who enable them, but the once great country they are looting to death.

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One Response to “WaPo Spins Shoplifting Epidemic”

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