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Sep 25 2020

Watch Black Lives Matter Rioters Chase Down Car

It is no longer safe to drive a car down the street in cities governed by Democrats. Even if you manage to squeeze through the mobs of rioters, they may chase you down and attack you, smashing in your windshield with a skateboard. The incident below occurred last night in Los Angeles, the same town where Reginald Denny was dragged out of his truck by similar savages and had his head bashed in with a cinderblock during the Rodney King riots. This time the pretext for rioting was Breonna Taylor:

Anyone surprised to see the story end with the innocent victim getting handcuffed by police? Meanwhile, the odds of consequences for the criminals are minimal, which is why they behave this way.

Driving a politically correct Prius didn’t do the driver much good. His bumper might have been covered in Defund the Police and COEXIST stickers; it would not have mattered.

As noted at Big League Politics, this is hardly the first time the “mostly peaceful protesters” have attacked a motorist:

Violent BLM and ANTIFA rioters have shot up to six people for driving through highways and roads they attempt to block off.

The United States is succumbing to savagery. It is turning into Somalia. Attempting to placate the bullies by validating their bogus ideology with duckspeak about racial injustice has only encouraged them to push the envelope ever further.

Next time, we may see the motorist dragged out of his car and beaten to death, as easily might have happened here if he hadn’t managed to escape. That is America’s future if we do not stand up to the mob and its backers, namely the liberal establishment media and the Democratic Party.

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