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Dec 25 2021

Watch Los Angeles Collapse Into Lawlessness

Leftism has corroded the framework of civilization for decades. In California, the entire edifice has begun to collapse.

This incident is emblematic of what could be expected to follow after the establishment-endorsed mostly peaceful Black Lives Matter rioting and looting:

Shocking video captured a woman strolling casually into a Rite Aid in Los Angeles wielding a pickaxe and stealing merchandise while spewing a stream of obscenities.

Every day is Christmas in California — until all the shelves are bare.

The woman, dressed all in black, was seen walking in the Venice Beach store on Lincoln Boulevard about 3 p.m. on Wednesday with the garden tool slung over her right shoulder and pulling a shopping cart behind her.

Unless they prosecute her for armed robbery — which is doubtful in George Gascon’s Los Angeles — this was just a misdemeanor, meaning it would not be worth the police’s trouble to arrest her even if she were to turn herself in.

At this point, society exists so that people like that can loot it. The welfare state has succeeded so well, it is hardly needed anymore. The class it produced can do the looting personally.

Also from Los Angeles:

Maybe police, incarceration, and civilization in general are necessary after all, even if liberals believe them to be inherently racist.

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