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Aug 17 2020

Chaos Drives Up Sales for Bullet-Proof Vests, Guns, Ammo

A law-abiding New Yorker has actually benefitted from Mayor Bill de Blasio egging on chaos while hobbling the police. His name is Brad Pedell. He sells bullet-proof vests in Midtown.

Business is up 80% compared to last year:

Pedell said customers tell him they need the protection because their “neighborhood is getting dangerous.”

Not long ago, NYC took justified pride in being one of the safest major cities in the world. What it takes years to accomplish can be undone quickly.

Nationwide, guns and ammo sales have also benefitted from the war on police and unrestrained mobs of mostly peaceful protesters.

According to Small Arms Analytics and Forecasting, a research consultancy firm that studies the global firearms and ammo markets, gun sales in June were up 145 percent from the same time in 2019.

Ammo has been hard to find, due both to the coronavirus and to people stocking up. Joe Biden’s hostility to gun rights will not lessen demand.

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