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Oct 18 2020

What the MSM Was Afraid to Tell You

As a special service to anyone who might have been stranded at the airport all last week with no access to information other than CNN, Liz Wheeler brings us up to date on what happened:

To recap:

• According to Gallup, 56% of Americans say they are better off now under Trump than before Trump — despite the prolonged misery inflicted by COVID-19. Biden says he doesn’t want their votes.

• Liberal favorite Keith Olbermann emerged from the fetid cesspit of moonbattery known as ESPN to proclaim that anyone associated with Trump must be “expunged” and “removed from our society” — an apparent reference to the gulags and firing squads that characterize societies run by people who share Olbermann’s political outlook.

• Mostly peaceful protesters in Portland knocked over a statue of Abraham Lincoln, confirming that their agenda entails the total destruction of our heritage.

• The 88 Notre Dame faculty members who signed a petition denouncing Amy Coney Barrett’s Supreme Court nomination include representatives of useless subjects like the Gender Studies Program but not of the law school where she taught.

• Alexandria public schools won’t let students attend class in person because COVID-19, despite the lack of medical justification for this; meanwhile, the school district’s superintendent Gregory Hutchings pulled his own daughter out of the public schools and put her in a private school that allows in-person attendance.

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