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Oct 04 2020

What the MSM Was Afraid to Tell You Last Week

She’s gone from OAN, but Liz Wheeler continues to keep us apprised of what the mainstream media would rather not tell us. Here’s what the MSM tried to hide last week:

1. The New York Times “bombshell” report that Trump doesn’t pay more in taxes than legally required was a nothingburger.

2. Hunter Biden raked in $millions from foreign entities while Joe Biden was vice president, including a $3.5 million wire transfer from Russia. Hunter was also lucratively in bed with the communist Chinese. Speaking of who Hunter was in bed with, he paid $thousands for Eastern European prostitutes.

3. Trump signed an executive order upholding the human rights of babies born alive, preventing children from being denied medical care after botched abortions.

4. During the debate Tuesday, Biden pointedly refused to say whether he would take a wrecking ball to our system of government by packing the Supreme Court. The media refused to follow up on it.

5. Sixty-six percent of Spanish-speaking Americans say Trump won the debate.

These stories would have received more attention if the media establishment honored its responsibility to keep the public informed regardless of which party the information helps.

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