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Jun 27 2022

What to Know About Covid Vax for <5-Year-Olds

Even as Covid peters out, CDC chief technocrat Rochelle Walensky now recommends the jab for all children 6 months to 5 years old, despite the ChiCom virus not constituting a significant threat to them. Marty Makary lists six things parents need to know before listening to her:

1. The research was inconclusive

2. The FDA lowered their standards for acceptable vaccine efficacy needed to approve

3. Most children have natural immunity

4. Safety was based on a small sample

5. Healthy children have a very low risk of a serious consequence from COVID-19

6. CDC’s announcement lacked humility

Click through for details.

Regarding the last point,

Less absolutism and more humility by public health officials would go a long way in rebuilding public trust. Not surprisingly, only 18% of parents said they were planning give the COVID vaccine to their child under five anytime soon.

However, Rochelle Walensky remains a credible authority if you want to keep up to date on demands from teachers unions.

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